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Validation, Test and Performance Characterization of DDR Memory Subsystems

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About Us

FuturePlus Systems has been validating DDR Memory Subsystems since 1995.  As a member of JEDEC and with customers world wide FuturePlus® is on the leading edge of DDR memory issues.  This web site was created to inform and connect to the world wide DDR Memory Community.  

DDR Memory is ubiquitous in electronics today and is at the heart of all cloud computing servers.  However its operation is not error free.  This will help inform the DDR Memory Community of the problems and issues involved in the use of DDR Memory.

About our Team

FuturePlus Systems is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Bedford, NH.  Our Management and Engineering team has decades of engineering experience and background.  Visit our main product web site or contact us.  We would love to talk about DDR Memory!